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Every year millions of students are graduating from colleges and universities. The next task as soon as they complete their education is to find a good job. Generally, what they do is send resumes to related companies and wait for the call. However, the companies are unable to hire the right candidate as there are millions of such aspirants. As a result, both the aspirants and companies are waiting and waiting…

To solve this problem, Aspiring Minds have come up with a test called AMCAT. That is – “Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test”. AMCAT is an evolution test where an aspirant can evaluate his/her skills in various subjects like Quantitative Aptitude, English usage, and Logical ability etc.

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AMCAT is widely recognized by various companies and MNCs around the world. After completing the AMCAT test aspirants are given a score. Based on the score the companies recruit the suitable candidate for the job.


There is a fee of Rs. 900/- plus taxes to take AMCAT. The test consists of various sections/modules which you can choose according to your profile or Education.

AMCAT Syllabus

There are certain modules which are compulsory for everyone like Language, and Aptitude Modules and 2 domain-specific modules.
Your choice of modules increases your visibility for particular kind of jobs, for example, if you take programming module your profile will be more visible to IT companies whereas taking HR module will help you find HR profiles.





EnglishExcelComputer ProgrammingBanking & Financial Services
Quantitative AbilityComputer ProgrammingComputer ScienceMarketing
Logical AbilityPhysicsElectronics and SemiconductorsHuman Resources (HR)
Aspiring minds personality inventory (AMPI)ChemistryTelecommunicationOperations
Information gathering and synthesisBasic BiologyElectrical EngineeringBasic Statistics
ExcelMarketingMechanical Engineering
Finance and AccountingCivil Engineering

AMCAT Online Test

The test will be held for 3 hours. All questions will be an objective type. There are no negative marks.
Once you are registered, you can schedule your AMCAT Online test at your nearest city.

AMCAT Sample papers

After completing your profile at myamcat, you will have a dashboard for your account. Where you will have different modules like Compulsory, General, Engineering and Management. You will get sample papers for each and every module available for your stream.

Is AMCAT for you?

Any undergraduate or post-graduate who have completed their study or in the final year can take this test. There are various advantages to take AMCAT in your job search. Such as –
• You can benchmark yourself against over 1 million aspirants who have taken AMCAT aptitude test
• Get an understanding of your job-fitment! The AMCAT feedback report will offer feedbacks on job profiles where the chances of getting a job are higher. You may call these opportunities.
• At the same, you can improve on the job profiles where the chances are low/medium by working on your weakness and improve those subjects further.

How many times can I appear for AMCAT?

You can appear as many as 4 times for AMACT. However, you need to take at least a gap of 3 months before appearing for the next test.

Where does AMCAT take you?

More than 2000+ companies are hiring freshers and entry-level graduates based on AMCAT. Once you take the AMCAT, your profile will be shared with relevant companies based on your score. This way you will easily get a job with AMCAT.

Over 2,000,000 students have taken AMCAT already. And 300k interview calls sent to students every month.

Industries that Recognise AMCAT

– Business and Management
– Customer service
– Education and Training
– Electronics
– Finance
– Hospitality and Tourism
– Information technology
– Logistics
– Manufacturing

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What is the best time to take AMCAT?

The best time to take AMCAT is now. Prepare and take the AMCAT as soon as possible. And compete against millions of job seekers across India. For AMCAT Registration, click here


I hope it was helpful. I strongly recommend you to take AMCAT as it can help you crack your dream job without much hassle.
Please let me know if you have any queries related to AMACT.
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