Top 12 Money Earning Apps in 2019


Nowadays everyone has smartphones moreover, they are very busy with it. Many people are wasting their time with WhatsApp, Facebook chatting and playing games on the mobile or computer. They are spending a lot of time with their mobile phone even though they don’t know we can earn money from the apps. There are thousands of apps in the market and that is paying you. If you to don’t know, then this article is very helpful to you now I am going to suggest a high_ paying apps of them if you spent some time to use these Apps per a day you can earn a lot of money and gifts.


Best 12 of High paying Apps in 2019

1.Cash Magnet

Cash magnet is an Android Device App it is free to download in Android phones. Simply we can say Cash Magnet is an Advertisement based app. Cash Magnet doesn’t need users to their profit they need your phone and internet connection to get profit.


Getting money from your Android phone with cash magnet is so simple because there is no need to perform any tasks to get the money you just watch ads or play games is enough to earn money.

They said in their official site one person can earn the max of $60 per month with four mobiles but who has four mobile? however, you can earn $ 15 per month with a single mobile phone. Go and install a cash magnet app in your mobile instantly to get money.

There is no scam with this App it is absolutely safe and guarantees for your data and personal settings. If you have any doubt on this app click here to clarify.


Ibotta is a free and cash_back shopping app for IOS and Android devices it allows you to get cash back on items you purchase frequently wherever you shop, travel, dinner and so on. Ibotta is not a coupon app you can earn real money with just shop, redeem offers then you will get cash back on every purchase in-store or online.

If you want to shop anything check Ibotta app before going to shop in a store or online find and add offers in your app for buying your required things.

Ibotta is easy to use and such a nice way to save money every time you shop.

I am sure there is no scam in it click here to check you can download Ibotta app instantly and save money every time you shop.

3. Ebates

Ebates is one of the money-making App for iPhone IOS and Android mobiles. It offers cash back and coupons to the customers who shop at their partner retailers. Ebates has more than 2500 partners with more than 8 million customers in us, Canada, China.

The stores pay commission to the Ebates for sending you in their way and Ebates shares your commission as a cash back when you join and shop in their stores. Ebates has paid cash back over $ 1 billion members.

Find the stores on and shop in your favorite stores and get cash back on your every order.

Download free Ebates App and shop at anywhere and any time in online and in-store earn money on every purchase. It’s the best way to save money from your every purchase.


Shopkick is a shopping app for smartphones and tablets that offers users rewards on shopping online and in_store. It is an easy way to earn free gift cards on every purchase.

Millions of people are using this shop kick every day to get rewards online in their App and in-store at anywhere. You earn points when you shop online and in_store we call that points as kicks and cash them for the gift cards.

There is no scam with this app it has a 4.2-star rating on google play and over 10 million downloads. if you have any doubt on shop kick click here to know more about it.

If you are looking for a simple way to earn extra gift cards without any extra effort, shop kick is a really great app to earn.

You can earn at least $5 gift cards per week and you will get $ 5 gift cards when you sign up. so install now shop kick app and earn money from it.

5. Healthy wage app

Healthy wage is another money earning app it offers the best opportunity for the people to earn money with weight loss and fitness.


you are essential to bet on yourself and how much weight you can lose. The money earning will depend upon how much weight you Loss you should be with your ideal goal to weight loss and time frame to achieve it. If you achieve your goal you will get yourself new at the same time healthy moreover you will get the cash prize.

You pay $25 per month for three months to participate and you can win up to $10,000 with a weight loss challenge. It’s a great opportunity to get money at the same time good health. I think its a good challenge for all overweighted persons to weight loss. So install the healthy wage app instantly and get money and good health.

6. Swag bucks

If you are searching for the best ways to earn money so, Swagbucks is the amazing App to earn money. It is a very easy way to get the money no need to do any hard work to earn money.


swag bucks have over 1500  retailers so you just shop in your favorite stores of their retailers, watch entertaining videos get free gift cards and earn sb points for watching playlists.

You can earn sb points and gift cards by taking fun surveys and share your opinions. Through the swag buck, you can earn 50 to 200 SB points per day if you’re the US people and the Non-US members are able to make at least 10_100 SB per day.

Swag bucks have 5k_ 25 downloads and it became very popular to money-earning so go and download the swag bucks app get free gift cards and SB points.

7. Instacart

Instacart is the largest grocery delivery service app nowadays a lot of people don’t have the time to shop for groceries.

I think the Instacart app is helpful for them because you can shop online all groceries with an Instacart app in your favorite stores of their retailers and get all fresh drinks, fruits,  flowers, organics, meat, dairy, eggs, snacks, bulk items, baby products and more. The Instacart will deliver all your ordered things at your home door.



You can make money through the Instacart app as becoming an Instacart shopper if you have free time. Firstly you want to install the Instacart app to take all orders from customers through the app then go to your near grocery store of their retailer’s store find and purchase the products and deliver them to the customers home.

You can work as part_time  or full_time for the company if you work for full-time you must have your own vehicle to get extra earnings from the company. You’ll be paid a commission based on the size of every order and the number of orders you deliver and you can also get tips from customers. You can earn  $50_$1000+ per month as aInstacart shopper via Instacart App.

8. Dosh

Dosh is the cash back App for Ios and Android Access Devices. It is available at thousands of stores, gas stations, and restaurants with new offers added every day.

No needs to do any hard work to getting cash back from Dosh. Firstly you want to download the Dosh app in your mobile and then connect it to your debit and credit cards.

Dosh will give you cash back automatically whenever you shop in their stores. If you want to pay for gas fill up and restaurant payments with your linked cards. Dosh will give you up to 10% cash back to your account on every payment with your link cards.

You can earn extra money through referring friends and family Dosh will give you $5 for every person you refer who links a card. click here to download

9. lucky day

Lucky Day is a Free Sweepstakes  App and it offers free scratcher, lotto, and raffle games to win real cash prizes and gift cards. You can win up to  $100, 000 in cash with lucky day app and earn rewards moreover it is free to download.

Lucky day App is totally legal to operate, and we considered it as a sweepstakes game app. The companies can use their platform to advertise their goods and services with this App and giving a chance to the customers to win real money.

You can earn real money and best prizes by Playing your daily lotto and scratch cards. Daily new scratch cards are available for you to win up to $10,000. The players are given three credits every day and these are redeemed to play lotto scratchers, slots and raffle games.

You can win the jackpot prize of $100,000 by entering the daily lotto and Win up to $10,000 by matching three winnings symbols on the instant win scratch cards. I think the lucky day is a great chance to make more money so, download it instantly.

10. Seated

Seated is the citywide dining club it has more than 1200 restaurants in 14 cities throughout the U.S. This is the best way to save your restaurant payments because they offer dinners best rewards for every reservation moreover, it gives a 30% cash back on every time you dine out.



If you are foody then it is a great opportunity for you to save 30% cash on your every time payments on restaurant reservation. Download the app instantly and find out the list of a top restaurant, book a reservation, dine out, order what you want and enjoy your meal At the end of your meal, take a pic of your receipt and upload in the app to confirm you showed up for your reservation and get rewards,  earn up to 30% back for every time you dine out through Seated.

You can earn more rewards by referring your friends every time go and install the Seated App and get 30% cash and rewards on every time you dine out.


Money SMS is a free android app it pays you for receiving their SMS generated by their system.No need to play any games, watching videos, and take surveys as like others earning Apps. You just download the money SMS app and run it on your mobile and you just receive the text message then you will get cash automatically on your account.

This App is totally free to access you no need to pay for having it and money SMS is only for Android-based Devices because of the only android can read their SMS. This is totally secure for your private messages and other data.

I think  Money Sms app is the easy way to get cash compared with other money making apps, because you don’t have to do anything to get money you want to install money SMS and, connect the internet is enough then the system will send SMS to your mobile and they pay you automatically for receiving their SMS. If you want to earn extra money then you can refer the money SMS app to your friends and get 30% of their earnings.


iPoll is an online, and mobile community App it is of the money earning App for Ios and Android Devices. You can earn money with the iPoll app by just for sharing your opinion about the products you buy and the places you visit.

iPoll offers you free cards, airline credits, and more rewards you can earn more benefits from this app by completing every iPoll mission. You will get extra gift cards, rewards and more after completion of every iPoll mission and you get paid in your iPoll account. Moreover, it has some fun tasks that are taking pictures, testing products, and visiting stores.

If you want to earn money with the iPoll app then you should download the App instantly and get more benefits on the iPoll App.


If you are looking for easy ways to earn money from your mobile phone I think this article will help you to make money from some Android and Ios Devices ( Mobile Apps).

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