Top 15 telephone interview tips for freshers


The Telephone interview is a short conversation in between applicant and interviewer it is more convenient than face to face interview. The phone interview is a tool for the recruiter to assess whether you are a serious applicant or not.

Nowadays several companies are conducting a phone interview to shortlist candidates before calling them for a face to face interaction. Some people don’t know how to attempt a call from the interviewer and which tips will follow during the phone interview.

you should keep in mind 15 tips during the phone interview.

so, here we are providing top 15 phone interview tips for freshers.

1.choose a quiet room

companies are basically intimating you in advance when they will be calling you. choose a good spot to attend an interview call without any disturbance. Get away from some noises like TV, Radio, kids, pets, music, etc.

2. Do not switch off your phone

The most important thing is don’t switch off your mobile phone. Because the interviewer may call you at any time so you should keep your phone always ON. The battery of your mobile phone should be fully charged. The phone may be put in vibration or silent mode rather than switched off if you are switched off your mobile phone.  It gives a very bad impression on you in front of an interviewer and turns off call waiting option on your mobile.

3. Avoid Rescheduling of the interview

You should not reschedule the interview because if you want to change the interview schedule due to a busy schedule, don’t reschedule again and again. It will reflect as you not a serious applicant so, try to reschedule the interview only when you are really out of time.

4.research about the company

Another important thing in the phone interview is researching the company before attempting the phone interview. You should search for the company and interviewer if you knew the interviewer name. It is useful for the next stage of the interview.

5.respond within seconds

you should keep in mind one thing is during the interview quick response is very important. So you should not take so much time to give an answer to the interviewer. If the interviewer asks any questions, you should respond within seconds rather than minutes. If You don’t know the answer simply say sorry but you don’t try to give a wrong and lengthy response because of the interviewer expect short and simple answer rather than lengthy stories.

6.keep important documents handy

you should have one copy of your professional resume during the interview. Which one you send to the company and also keep important documents ready if you need. Keep pen and paper to note down points also you can keep your laptop if you want to refer to the internet during the interview.  Be careful while you using a laptop or computer keyboard, don’t make noise with it.

7. stay alone during the interview

you should stay alone during the interview and keep yourself calm in body and mind. You should stay away from kids, colleges, family members, etc.

8. use a cheat sheet

the best advantage of the telephonic interview is invisibility. So, you can prepare for some expected questions in advance and note down it on a paper keep it along with you during the interview. Also, you can use the internet to searching for anything without any noise.

9. keep a good consistent tone

you should maintain a good consistent tone during the interview when you answering to the interviewer. It will show your confidence level to the interviewer. You should avoid unprofessional language So, don’t use yes, No, ya like words while you answering to the interviewer.

10. Listen to the whole thing

one of the most important things in a phone interview is listening so, you should improve your listening skills. During the interview first, you want to listen carefully to what is interviewer says.  Let him finish the question then only you respond or give an answer or ask any questions to the interviewer. If you did not listen to any question correctly let him finish it first, then you can ask for repeat the question. If you are trying to ask any questions in the middle of the conversation the entire conversation will disturb.

11. Deliver correct information

The candidate wants to remember one thing is, don’t try to give any false information about the candidate to the interviewer. If the interviewer asks the question tell me about yourself. Nowadays the companies are enquiring about the candidates personal and professional background. The candidate may dismiss even after years of working, on the basis of some false information provided during the initial phase of the interview. So, you should deliver the correct information to the interviewer.

12. Treat the interview like face to face interaction

You should treat the phone interview like a face to face interview so, you should wear a neat and formal dressing, give respect to the interviewer and you should use a professional language during the interview. Be in a positive frame of mind, if you feel happy and bright it will reflect in your voice and confidence level. You should not take it easy because the phone interview is the initial stage for your hiring.

13. Ask intelligent questions

After finishing the interview there is a chance to ask intelligent questions to the interviewer if you have any questions. You should ask the questions about the company branding or its strategy to beat the market and about your role in that company, asking questions that tell your intelligence and you are serious about this role.

14. Ask about the next step

If the interviewer has any other questions is a good way to round up the discussion.let the interviewer finish if there is no more question, then you can ask what the next step will be in the hiring process.according to that you can prepare for the next step in advance.

15. say thank you

After finishing the interview you should say thanks to the interviewer even if the interview has done badly. You can text or mail to the interviewer on the next day if you forget to say thank to the interviewer at the end of the interview.


As we know the situation at the time of the phone interview. It is not easy to face without any preparation so, if you follow these 15 phone interview tips, it will help you to go to the further steps of the hiring process.





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