Top 20 Best interview tips for freshers


After graduation, every fresher is trying to get a good job in any company. But, nowadays the interview is the crucial thing in every company to get a job. Most of the people are fails to facing the interview. Why because they don’t know how to prepare for the interview and which tips will follow.

To solve this problem, here we are providing 20 best interview tips.


1 Research about the company

Before going to attempt the interview you should know about the company profile like what is the job role and what is the present position of the company. Research about the company with your friends or search on google to understand what people saying about the company.

2 resume 

The preparation of resume is most important to the interview and it is an invisible tool to get a should prepare the best resume with highlighting your strengths required for the job it is not a false just to impress the interviewer.

3 carry all required documents

Most important interview tip for fresher is to know what documents are required for the job interview. Some of the important things are mentioned here.

a few copies of your resume

your academic documents, including memos, degrees, etc. and their photocopies

recently clicked passport-size photographs, and  any identity proof

internship certificates if you have

4 prepare basic interview questions

Most of the times the interviewers will not ask questions from the academic qualifications.they will ask some basic questions in the interview. if you know the common interview questions then prepare impressive answers to them.

some basic questions are like this

can you tell me something about yourself?

what motivated you to select this field?

where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Tell me about a challenging situation and explain how you handle it?

why should we hire you?

5 communication skills

Before going to face the interview you should develop your communication skills.

Listen carefully what says the interviewer

Try to keep your answer to the point

Give an answer clear and short

Avoid using informal language

Ask the questions to the interviewer after completion of the interview

if you are perfect in communication then half of your job will be done

6 Dressing sense

Dressing sense is the most important thing in the interview. Because it shows your personality and attitude to the interviewer. So wear neatly and formal dresses like a black trouser and a white shirt. Avoid wearing colorful shirts and trousers you should look like a professional.

7 Be your self

In the interview round don’t try to act like someone you will not able to continue after some time. So be your self and natural in front of the interviewer.

8 switch off your mobile phones

Before going to the interview you should switch off your mobile phones don’t create any disturbance with your mobiles during the interview.

9 keep eye contact

In the interview eye to eye contact with the interviewer is a very important thing why because it shows your confidence level to the interviewer. If there is more than one interviewer keep eye contact with each of them while answering the question.

10 Give the answer clearly and directly

whenever you answer to the interviewer questions be loud enough, don’t be loud or low volume then the interviewer can hear your answer clearly. Try to give an answer to the point clearly and directly.

11 do not argumentive

Present your viewpoint to the interviewer in a polite way don’t be argumentive and try to understand their viewpoint then try to keep your answer to their point of view and be professional.

12 Address to the interviewer politely

One of the best interview tips is address to the interviewer in a polite way it looks like a good manner in the interview.

13 Be confident

Be confident in front of the interviewer is the most important thing. So, you should develop your confidence levels before going to the interview then you will easily face the interview.

14  Respect  the interviewer

Give the respect to the interviewer by using these words like sir, madam or (Mr.xxxx, or Mrs. xxxx). Don’t use words like friend, yaar etc.

15  Reach on time 

Punctuality is also important to the interview so, try to go 15 to 20 minutes before to the interview timings then you should relax sometime and you want to finish some formalities like some paperwork and the remaining time you can use for preparing of some basic interview questions

16 Say I don’t know

If you know the answer to the interviewer question then present your viewpoint confidently. Otherwise, say I don’t know sir or madam but don’t try to give any wrong answer to the interviewer questions.

17 Listen carefully

Listen carefully what interviewer is saying and try to understand his point of view and show your enthusiasm in front of the interviewer.

18 Maintain a positive body language

During the interview, you want to maintain a positive body language like

shake hand confidently

sit straight and properly

maintain a graceful posture

maintain a smiling face

use your hands while speaking

make eye contact

19 Mind your actions

Don’t express your nervousness in front of the interviewer by doing these things like touching your forehead and nose, biting your lips and nails, tapping the table with your pen and kicking the table with your legs, sipping water again and again. You should away from these things during the interview.

20  Ask the questions

after the completion of the interview demonstration, the interviewer will give you a chance to ask questions to them then you should utilize the chance to ask the intelligent questions to the interviewer.that’s why you want to research the company before going to the interview.


we know the importance of the job in our life. It is not easy to get for the first time if you follow these 20 interview tips then it will help to get a job quickly.

do share how you enjoyed our article on top 20 best interview tips.

Good Luck! Go and Crack the interview!









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